6 Melt Wax Snap Pot by Wax Addicts


All Fragrance descriptions are available below:


  • Exclusive Wax Addicts soy/coconut wax formula.
  • Contains our own exclusive blend of essential oils.
  • Hand poured by us in the UK.
  • Maximum possible fragrance oil content of 10%
  • Wax Melt Pot, Min wax weight 45g (typically 50g)
  • Snap off a section, Using one section at a time.
  • Typically 6-8 hours of scent from each section!
  • NO harmful glitter, ALWAYS Recycleable packaging.


Amazon Palms tropical palms, coconut water and sweet jungle fruits create this unique scent. 

CLP Allergen: Isocyclemone E, Citral


Black Cherry Bliss The juciest black cherries with a touch of almond, mouthwatering and bold.

CLP Allergen: Citral, Eugenol.


Banana Choc Chip Nut Bread A food lover's delight, Banana bread baked with walnuts and chocolate chips.

CLP Allergen: Eugenol, Clove oil.


Blue Lagoon A blue lagoon, drive right in, this scent will blow you away with its freshness, marine oils, ocean grass and citrus bring this fragrance to life.

CLP Allergen: Citral, Eugenol.


Breath Easy Menthol, Eucalyptus, spearmint and pine oil combine to create this air cleansing fragrance,

CLP Allergen: Alpha-Pinenes, Limonene.


Campfire Cupcakes Freshly made vanilla cupcakes topped with toasted whipped marshmallow icing.

CLP Allergen: Iso E, Eugenol.


Chocolate Heaven The sweet blend of white and milk chocolate with a touch of dark chocolate to make it heavenly.

CLP Allergen: Coumarin


Cinnamon Chai Butter Warming Chai spices blended with rich creamy butter.

CLP Allergen: Cinnamal.


Creamy Pumpkin Chai A rich creamy pumpkin chai, topped with whipped butterscotch cream.

CLP Allergen: Eugenol.


Cotton Candy Coconut Sweet carnival cotton candy mixed with coconut shy coconut.

CLP Allergen: Coumarin.


Dreamy Lavender Coconut Fragrant French Lavender blended with creamy coconut milk, Relaxation ahoy!

CLP Allergen: Hexyl Cinnamal.


Forest Walk A walk in the forest, the sun shining off lush green leaves, the warmth hitting the forest floor, the scent of tree bark and moss in the air.

CLP Allergen: Isco E.


Golden Kisses A stunning fragrance, sweet fruit, neroli, jasmine and a base of white honey, it's almost so golden as a million dollars.

CLP Allergen: Isco E.


Grape Soda A rich fruity blend of south african red grapes and sparkling lemonade bring this fragrance to life.

CLP Allergen: Citral, Limonene.


Intense Amber Woods Rich and bold, this mix of amber and warm mixed woods is fresh and masculine.

CLP Allergen: Isco E, Octabenzone.


Lemon Drizzle Poundcake Freshly baked vanilla poundcake, covered with lemon drizzle.

CLP Allergen: Citral, Cinnamal.


Lemon Pumpkin Cupcakes Rich pumpkin cupcakes topped with creamy lemon frosting.

CLP Allergen: Coumarin, Citral.


Lilac Lullaby The unmistakable scent of lilac flowers mixed with creamy vanilla and lavender oil.

CLP Allergen: Hexyl cinnamal, Lavender oil.


Lime In The Coconut Citrusy lime mixed with creamy coconut milk.

CLP Allergen: Citral, Iso E.


Luxury Hotel Linens Clean, crisp and fresh hotel linen, Egyptian cotton infact, so luxurious and inviting.

CLP Allergen: Iso E, Cotton Extract.


Mystical Rose A floral sensation, crushed rose petals, black raspberry extract and musk.

CLP Allergen: Hexyl Cinnamal, Rose Oil.


Pear Candy The unltimate sweet pear treat, Pear drop sweets dusted with sugar.

CLP Allergen: Limonene.


Pink Candy Apples A sweet sensation, Pink lady apples, fluffy cotton candy and coconut sugar.

CLP Allergen: Isco E, Cinnamal.


Pumpkin Bananarama Spiced pumpkin, crushed ripe banana's blend together in the unique yummy fragrance.

CLP Allergen: Eugenol.


Pumpkin Caramel Gingerbread Spiced pumpkin baked into Gingerbread drizzled with creamy caramel, Delicious.

CLP Allergen: coumarin, Cinnamal.


Root Beer Float Sarsaparilla extract makes a rich deep root beer, topped with vanilla bean ice cream.

CLP Allergen: Eugenol, Citral.


Rhubarb Berry Blast Tangy Rhubarb, juicy red fruits and citrus blended to create this fruity delight.

CLP Allergen: Lemon Oils.


Triple Choc Muffins Freshly baked and ready to eat, triple chocolate muffins, sweet and delicious.

CLP Allergen: Eugenol.


Tropical Beach Sunset Tropical beach florals, fruits and warm amber.

CLP Allergen: Iso E.


White Chocolate Dream Creamy madagascan vanilla white chocolate and whipped double cream.

CLP Allergen: Eugenol.

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