L - Yankee Candle - Fragrance Descriptions

Lacquer Red (Boxed Tumbler): Passion awakens in this enticing potion of fresh, warm spices, irresistible red rose and a touch of soft leather.

Lake Sunset: The serene beauty of the sun's golden rays as they dip into still blue waters, calling to mind the musky descent of nightfall.

Top: Pineapple, Mango, Frangipani (Plumeria), Pear, Orange
Mid: Ozone, Powdery, Floral, Lily Of The Valley, Freesia
Base: Musk, Woody, Oriental, Vanilla, Creamy Notes, Patchouli

Lakeside Birch: Brisk And Bright … The beauty of an Autumn day is reflected in clean birch and cool water.

Lakeside Morning (Simply Home): Fresh early morning air, cool mint and autumn leaf aromas.

Lakeside View (Outlet Photo Label): Unable to locate scent description.

Lavender: Powdered lavender bundles tied with heather that is both soothing and luxurious.

Top: Fresh Ozone, Eucalyptus, Sage
Mid: Fresh Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary
Base: Cedarwood, Moss, Vetivert

Lavender & Herb (Aroma Formula): A fine blend of soothing mood-balancing herbs.

Lavender & Wild Rosemary (Deck Delights): A breath of freshness with clear, enchanting lavender and the earthy, herbal appeal of rosemary

Lavender Bliss (Swirl): The fresh appeal of clean Lemon Lavender and earthy Sage & Citrus!

Lavender Chiffon (Pure Radiance): Take a moment for yourself . . . relax and unwind with this silky, smooth, lush lavender bouquet.

Lavender Fields: Unable to locate scent description.

Lavender Sage: A rich, spicy herbal bouquet of captivating lavender flowers and warm, aromatic sage.

Lavender Spa (Simply Home): This luxurious scent captures the distinctive and soothing smell of lavender mixed with warm notes for that relaxed spa feel.

Lavender Vanilla: An oasis of tranquility . . . the perfect mix of fresh lavender and warm vanilla with musk and bergamot.

Lavender, Ylang Ylang, & Geranium or Relax (Aromatherapy Spa): Soothing lavender, uplifting ylang-ylang and balancing geranium help calm nerves and stabilize mood.

Leather: The luxurious, rich aroma of fine leather.

Lemon (Housewarmer; Citrus Passion; Wordy):  Lemon provides a bright and sunny citrus scent that is perfectly ripe, naturally sweet and refreshing.

Lemon Cake (Country Kitchen; Wordy): Wonderful aroma of freshly baked cake with a hint of lemon.

Lemon Chiffon: So sweet and creamy smooth with just the right amount of lemon zest.

Lemon Cream(Simply Home): This indulgent macaron recipe of lemon rind, gourmand vanilla and sweet orange oil is so richly satisfying.

Lemon Cupcake (Home Classics): Fill your house with the smell of lovely Lemon Pound Cake baking in the kitchen!

Lemon Ice (Home Classics): Zesty sugared lemon with simple syrup and ice shavings.

Lemon Lavender: Soothing and sweet lavender comes together with tangy lemon citrus to create a powdery fresh blend that’s clean and inviting. 

Top: Tangerine, Lemon, Aromatic Lavender
Mid: Fruity Notes, Orange, Petitgrain, Eucalyptus
Base: Vanilla, Hints Of Spice

Lemon Lime: Sparkling and effervescent. . . a tangy, refreshing treat of bright, clean citrus.

Lemon Meringue (Simply Home): Unable to locate scent description.

Lemon Pound Cake: Bakery fresh . . . a mouth-watering recipe of bright, tangy lemon zest and creamy, rich vanilla.

Lemon & Sugar (Girl Scouts, 2016 USA): Buttery shortbread with a zesty lemon twist and a dusting of powdered sugar...irresistibly sweet!

Lemon Verbena (Deck Delights): Intensely clean, summery scent of purifying lemon citrus with a green, grassy twist.

Lemon Zest: A vivacious scent with the tangy glow of citrus to stimulate your spirits

LemonGrass & Ginger (2016): A fresh, clean mixture of gentle lemongrass and just-cut ginger - pure relaxation

Top: Lemon
Mid: Ginger, Lemongrass
Base: Amber

Lemongrass & Orange: A refreshing, cleansing blend of bright, warm citrus scents

Lemongrass & Tea: Unable to locate scent description.

Let Freedom Ring: The spirit of America abounds. . . robust notes of cedar and redwood softened by wild petals and vanilla.

Let It Snow (Home Classics): Cool and sweet . . . there’s a taste of winter fun in this frosty mix of mint and vanilla.

Let It Snow (Swirl): Sparkling Snow + Cherries On Snow

Lighthouse Point (Simply Home): Fresh seaside scent, calming and soothing.

Lilac: Let wild lilac scent freshens your home with a floral fragrance.

Lilac Blossoms: An alluring grove of lavender, white, and deep purple lilacs.

Lilac Petals: One of nature’s loveliest scents spring blooms eternal in the alluring fragrance of garden lilacs.

Lily: Floral scent of peppery lily with a hint of musk.

Lily Of The Valley: Like a bridal bouquet capturing traditional lily and subtle and soft green notes.

Lime (Citrus Passion): Zesty lime gets even more luscious with a hint of refreshing mint and a dollop of warm vanilla.

Lime After Lime (Beanswax): Let the zesty aroma of freshly squeezed limes of this Lime After Lime envelop your senses.

Lime In The Coconut (Swirl): Discover sweetness with a fun twist in this blend Coconut Bay and refreshing Vanilla Lime.

Lime Mojito (Country Kitchen, SoHO Living): An intoxicating and perfect blend of citrus and sweet.

Lime & Orange: Unable to locate scent description.

Line-Dried Cotton (2016): A clean blend of cotton drying in the sunlight with a note of dewiness and a light floral breeze.

Top: Mandarin, Lemon, Melon
Mid: Water Lily, Water Accord, Lavender
Base: Cedarwood, Musk


Linen: Unable to locate scent description.

Lotus Blossom: The exotic floral bouquet of delicate lotus petals shimmers with an enchanting radiance.

Lotus Flower & Sea Salt (Aromatherapy Spa): Sea-inspired with light floral notes, this scent evokes feelings of peace, tranquility, and balance.

Louisiana State University (Collegiate Collection): Vineyard – Fresh from the vine, a powerful blend of ripe and sweet grapes.

Lovely Kiku: The flower of happiness… the elegant, rejuvenating perfume of chrysanthemum with hints of sweet cherry blossom & warm vanilla.

Lovely Lavender (American Homes Collection) A field of purple lavender in full bloom with bright sun. There’s a gentle breeze bringing sandalwood and sweet powdery vanilla across the afternoon to make it just perfect.

Loves Me Lots (Country Kitchen): A fresh sweet and green citrus mix.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not: A fresh field daisy with pretty white petals just waiting to be pulled . . . oh, the anticipation!

Luau Party: Join the celebration . . .every day is a festival with the fun and fruity mix of orange fizz, sparkling peach, and vanilla ice.

Luck O The Irish: Nothing says summer like the familiar, heady scent of a freshly cut lawn.

Lucky Shamrock: A touch of the Emerald Isle . . . the fresh scent of lush, green hills kissed by a sparkle of sunshine.

Luscious Plum: Exquisitely rich and festive…. The scent of sugar-coated plums is a Christmas fantasy come true.

Lush Berries: A basket of just-picked berries, sweet and juicy and full with harvest sunshine, savor the freshness.

Top: Cranberry
Mid: Strawberry, Raspberry
Base: Vanilla


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